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How To Control Your Fear

How To Overcome Fear

What You Need To Know About Controlling Your Fear

Fear can be a very significant drawback to our lives since it may even cause you to fail in achieving what you wanted in your life. Many individuals have ended up where they are today since they were afraid to take a step forward in some aspect of their life.

5 Ways to Conquer Fear and Ask for Help – Huffington Post

http://news.google.com Thu, 05 Nov 2015 18:15:00 GMT

Huffington Post5 Ways to Conquer Fear and Ask for HelpHuffington PostRemember that when you allow fear to control your life, you hold yourself back from doing your genius work and creating great results. If you are smart (I know you are), you realize being paralyzed by fear isn’t efficient or effective. The better …

Read more …

Once you let fear control you, then you will have a limited chance of trying to overcome this fear. It is important that you ensure that you are a boss over all your fears. This may, however, be a difficult task since if the fear is already instilled within you then eradicating it may be a process.

Let Go of Irrational Fears – New York Times

http://news.google.com Tue, 10 Nov 2015 13:25:23 GMT

New York TimesLet Go of Irrational FearsNew York TimesThis fear blinds us to making the most of the remaining 90, 95 or 99 percent. Once we’ve done everything we reasonably can do to be safe, once we’ve accounted for everything within our control, we need to learn to let go of the rest. One of my favoriteᅠ…and moreᅠ»

Read more …

Another thought about controlling fear from a top neuroscientist.

How To Control Your Fear: My Interview With Top Neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux | Tai Lopez

On today’s Book-of-the-Day Show, Tai Lopez interviews professor Joseph LeDoux on the topic of fear and anxiety. You can purchase his book at http://www.tailopez.com/anxious Are you anxious or fearful about the future? If you want to know how Tai conquered his fear and obstacles with money, click here to apply for the Accelerator Program: https://www.tailopez.com/josephledoux.

For the podcast version, click here, The Tai Lopez Show “Grand Theory of Everything”

The following are some of the tips that you can use to be able to counter and overcome your fears.

1. Sharing.
Once you share a fear that you have towards something to your friend family or even expert, then you will surely get various solutions to counter the same. Note that the people you share the fear to might also be facing the same therefore you will have a companion to encourage you to face the fear together. While you are two or more, then you will have different approaches to the same.
2. Face the fears.
It is only by facing the fears that you will be able to overcome them. An example is a person who has the fear of heights. Once they skydive this fear will probably be gone. This is because it brings you to a realization that it was not such a big deal, and you will be amazed at why you had the fear even from the start.
3. Visualization.
The mind of a human body is the reason behind your fear therefore if you can control the same then you are good to go. While encountering your fear you can try to visualize something else and not the action that you are doing at that point. This will trigger the eradication of the dangers of facing your fears and with time you will be fully set to face the fears head on.
4. Reward.
It is crucial that once you are successfully able to overcome once encounter with your fears that you congratulate yourself.

By fully following the factors above then you will be able to have fully control over the fears that you have.

More info about Tai Lopez and his books on Amazon.

Scheduling Institute Review – Dental Practice Consulting

Scheduling Institute Review - Dental Practice Consulting

What Sets Scheduling Institute Apart from the Rest?

The Scheduling Institute was a private company founded by Jay Geier in 1997. It is a dental consulting firm that aims to help ease the life of dentist, improves the performance of the dental staff, and increases the overall production and profit.

Today, there are many dental consulting firms claiming to deliver the best possible service to dentists all over the world. What sets the Scheduling Institute apart from the rest?  Below you can see this Scheduling Institute review that was done by Joe Blaes who was Chief Editor at the time at Dental Economics.

I have had a wonderful relationship with a dentist in St. Louis for many years. We initially met at a study club meeting in St. Louis. As we got to know each other, we found that we were following the same dental gurus. As time passed, Dr. Sam Cigno and I became good friends.


Five or six years ago Sam told me about a new program he had joined called the Scheduling Institute (SI). He explained how SI founder Jay Geier had helped him greatly increase the number of new patients in his practice. He had met Jay at a dental meeting and listened to him play recordings of dental staffs answering the phones at their dental offices. He said right then he believed his team could truly benefit. And they did. In a short time Sam’s new patients went from about 35 a month to 120.


Now we all know the lifeblood of every dental practice is NEW PATIENTS. I wanted to know more, so I contacted Jay and ordered a set of his audio tapes. On a drive to Amarillo, Texas, I listened to a very passionate Jay Geier present his system for not only attracting new patients to a practice, but also how to get them to schedule their initial appointments and show up for those appointments. I had to meet him in person and I arranged to do that the next month while I was at the Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta. Jay and I had a delightful dinner together where he explained to me how his program worked.


Two months ago, during a visit to Atlanta, I had the opportunity to tour the Scheduling Institute’s Training Center. It’s a first-class 20,000-square-foot facility located just a stone’s throw from the Atlanta Airport. It’s the most convenient dental training facility in the world. You don’t even have to get in the car to get there from the airport. You just take a four-minute sky train ride and walk 100 yards to get to the SI building. There are two nice hotel choices within walking distance.


To watch a video about the Training Center, go to http://www.SITrainingCenter.com .

Jay Geier spent years conceptualizing the Scheduling Institute. Jay established a tested and proven concept while working as a Vice President of a huge private practice in Georgia.

He was successful at generating plenty of calls, but he noticed that the calls were not converted to actual clients. Using this realization, he was able to come up with a concept that works well for the dentist and medical providers.

The Scheduling Institute’s concept helps generate more calls, set up an appointment, and generate more income.

Check out and follow Jay Geier on his Linkedin page here – Jay Geier Founder of the Scheduling Institute, Practice Management & Dental Marketing Expert, Greater Atlanta Area, Management Consulting.

Networking with like-minded people

The Scheduling Institute conducts several events every year, which will help its members, get to know each other and network with like-minded people.

The members will be able to learn from each other’s mistakes and success.

Diversified products and services

The Scheduling Institute offers a huge array of products and services designed to help dentist and the entire team in every step of the way.

It offers on-site training, hygiene training, coaching programs, call tracker, and the likes.

Mentioned above was call tracking.  Here is an explanation of what call tracking is:

What is Call Tracking?

Phone Call tracking screen
Image from http://www.ringdna.com

We hear a lot about how companies need to use call tracking to see the truly value of their marketing campaigns. But what is call tracking, anyhow?

Call tracking is the process of measuring the impact of marketing effort on lead generation and sales. It was born from evidence-based marketers’ desire for increased visibility into lead sources. If all leads and sales came from online form conversions, it would be easy to know which ads provide the best ROI without any call tracking whatsoever. But for most industries outside of basic ecommerce – including travel, healthcare, automotive, financial services and B2B technology – the vast majority of leads and sales are generated via the telephone.

Read the full article http://www.ringdna.com/blog/what-is-call-tracking.

Training and events

The Scheduling Institute made its services available to people of the United States with its headquarters in Roswell, Georgia and training centers in Atlanta and Phoenix.

Various events also take place every year in the form of 5X Summit and The Best Marketing Seminar Ever (TBMSE).

These events focus on helping dentists achieve financial freedom by improving the marketing strategy and increasing new patient generation.

As you can see from this Scheduling Institute review there are many things which set this dental practice consulting firm apart from the rest.



Investment Guide For Entrepreneurs Your Tax Method Is Important

Investment Guide For Entrepreneurs Your Tax Method Is Important

Investment Guide For Entrepreneurs – Here’s What You Should Know About Your Tax Method

An investment guide for entrepreneurs is different from other types of investment guides in that it’s made specifically to guide investors in making a decision on which type of businesses to invest in and once invested how to handle your money.

Businesses and Their Cash Are Not Created Equal

If you’ve ever done any business investment, you already know that not all businesses are created alike, and while there are businesses that are literally cash-making machines, there are businesses that require you to put in a lot of hours before you can become profitable.

Knowing what these businesses are can be tricky, and this is the reason you need an investment guide for entrepreneurs – to identify profitable businesses right from the get-go.

What About Taxes

On a simplistic method there are 2 basic tax methods for a business.  From the following article you can get any understanding of how one may help your cash flow.  The author of this publication, Garrett Gunderson, is the founder of Wealth Factory which offers personal financial products for the entrepreneur.Investment Guide For Entrepreneurs Your Tax Method Is Important

Take An Extra Year To Pay Taxes Thanks To This Generous Accounting Rule

What would you do if the IRS allowed you to take an extra year to pay taxes on $11,000 worth of income? That’d give you $2,750 to work with for 12 months, if your tax rate was 25%, before the IRS would come asking for it.

What would you do with it?

Maybe invest in advertising to bring in more customers?

Upgrade equipment to make your business more productive and more profitable?

Or consider it an interest-free loan to take a vacation?

I recently spoke with my CPA, Brett Sellers, who told me this is not wishful thinking. There’s an accounting rule that business owners can sometimes use to delay paying taxes on a portion of their income–but many accountants and CPAs don’t use it. Instead, they lazily check the wrong box.  Read more about this method…..

Here is a definition of the cash versus accrual accounting methods.

Cash vs. Accrual Accounting

Learn which accounting method is better for your business.

The cash method and the accrual method (sometimes called cash basis and accrual basis) are the two principal methods of keeping track of a business’s income and expenses. In most cases, you can choose which method to use. Learn how they work and the advantages and disadvantages of each so you can choose the better one for your business.

In a nutshell, these methods differ only in the timing of when transactions, including sales and purchases, are credited or debited to your accounts. Here’s how each works: Read more…

Education Methods Vary

Investment guides for different businesses come in different forms. While some are in book form, some come in a video course form. We’re not going to tell you which type, of course, to buy because your choice should depend on where you learn better, whether through the written word or videos.

In any case, what you want to do is to find a course that presents information in an organized manner. In my case, aside from the way information is presented, I also look out for any add-ons, in particular, if you have the option of doing a mentoring class.

Find A Mentor

While course materials are good, there’s nothing like mentoring to shorten the learning curve in entrepreneurship. While business mentors do cost money to hire.I believe that you only get what you pay for. And able to ride on the experience of other people.

You have a far greater chance of succeeding in business with a mentor to hold you by the hand instead of going at it alone. This has been the experience of a lot of people.

Other Recommended Resources On Tax Methods

Accounting Periods and Methods
How does accrual accounting differ from cash basis accounting?


Comparing Accrual and Cash Accounting

Scheduling Institute What To Expect

Scheduling Institute Training Center

If you are interested in the Scheduling Institute, there are a few things you should know. When you learn more about what to expect about the Institute, it will make your visit there more enjoyable, and you will be able to get more out of it. Being prepared is always a good thing.

Conveniently Located

The Scheduling Institute Corporate headquarters are located north of Atlanta, GA and their training center is located near Atlanta’s airport.  You can either drive or fly into Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It is important that you plan ahead and not wait until the last-minute to decide what you are going to do.

Scheduling Institute Training CenterOpportunity to Network With Like-Minded Professionals

You should also know that doctors from all types of different fields will be there as well as those in the dental fields. The Scheduling Institute will help teach you how to implement growth strategies, and this is something most doctors and dentists want to know.

Take Notes, Record Your Sessions, Get All The Handouts

It is important to bring something that you can take notes on. You will be taking in a lot of information, and you do not want to forget anything. You can go back over all the information after you get home to help remember what you learned. It will be easier to put it in practice that way and to communicate the highlights with your staff.

Applied What You Learned At the Scheduling Institute

The bulk of what you will learn will help you gain more patients and work better as a dental practice. You will want to take the new information and apply it daily at your practice. Work with your staff to change things around so that you can benefit from the new advice that you have been given.

You should know that the training you will get will be based on years of studying phone calls, how they work with scheduling appointments and how to improve engagement. You can feel good that you are getting quality information and that it will help your practice grow.

Recently a press release came out on Jay Geier’s Scheduling Institute about the their milestone of completing 10,000 on-site, in-office trainings.  See some of the highlights of this PR below:

Alpharetta, GA — (ReleaseWire) — 07/13/2015 — Scheduling Institute, a dental consulting & training company based in Alpharetta, Georgia, achieved a huge milestone last monththey completed 10,000 on-site, in-office trainings for dental and orthodontic teams around the world since 2008.


Founded in 1997, Scheduling Institute has become the largest dental consulting, training and coaching company in the world,……


Scheduling Institute has been widely recognized for its outstanding performance and results-oriented methods. Dentaltown and Orthotown magazines declared Scheduling Institute the “Top Practice Management Consultant and Advisor” by popular vote from their own subscribers, awarding the company 7 Townie Choice Awards in the last five years! That’s the long winning streak in the history of the category……

The complete press release can be seen here http://www.kcentv.com/story/29533605/over-10000-dentists-choose-jay-geiers-scheduling-institute-for-in-office-team-trainings.

The Scheduling Institute continues to using ongoing testing to insure they are offering their clients the latest and best techniques in getting more new patients.



Brightstar Care Franchising – Best Senior Care Franchising

Brightstar Forbes Best Franchise 2014

Is Brightstar Care Franchising The Best Senior Care Franchise

If you are thinking about starting a business that can be very profitable, one that is in an industry that has an endless supply of customers that will be more than willing to take advantage of the quality services that you can provide, you might want to consider becoming an owner of a Senior care franchising unit from a company by the name of Brightstar. Here are the reasons that you should consider Brightstar Care Franchising as an option if you are serious about getting into an industry that is ranked among the top of those that are less than $150,000 to get in.

What Is Senior Care Franchising?Shelly Sun Brightstar CEO

This type of franchising is designed to approach a very specific niche of individuals, specifically those that are no longer able to take care of themselves after they have retired. Seniors are becoming a very prominent part of our society, numbering in the millions, and by having a facility that they can get adequate treatment at, and Brightstar is a company that you will want to get a franchise with. They are well known on the Internet, having been discussed on many national programs, their CEO, Shelly Sun, was featured on CBS’s hit show Undercover Boss, and they are the right industry if you are partial to things involving health care. Let’s look at what this type of franchise has to offer, and how you could find yourself investing in your future by using the franchise options available from Brightstar.

How To Choose The Right One

Choosing the right company is going to be a very simple process, even though there are over 3000 franchise brands on the market today. You have probably heard of people paying over $1 million just to join one of the fast food franchises that can be so profitable, all of which will make you money just because you are the owner. Once you have a manager that can organize everything for you, and they are earning a salary and also earning you money, you will start to see why most business investors are making wise decisions in getting into franchises, especially in the health sector. One of the best according to not only experts in this industry, but a company that has been ranked by Forbes as one of the top contenders for all health oriented franchises, is Brightstar, a business that is at the top of the list for anyone that has done the research and discovered how wonderful this franchise opportunity actually is. Forbes is a leader in providing current healthcare information.

Brightstar Care Franchising

Brightstar Forbes Best Franchise 2014When you take a look at their website, you can see that there is quite a bit of information such as being able to download their franchise prospectus and also a toll-free number that you can call to find out more information area they have been profiled on CNBC news, and has been shown to generate as much as $1.5 million in revenue, just from a single franchise alone. It should be obvious that this type of health care providing option is going to be profitable because of how many more baby boomers are slowly becoming of age, needing to be in a facility that can provide them with her medication, as well as all of their needs. Brightstar Care Franchising is something that you should certainly consider because it was one of the best franchises in 2014, being ranked by Forbes in the number one position. As quoted in this Reuters Article on the Brightstar’s Forbes award, “This award is a result of the passion of our support team to help our franchisees achieve their success and reach their business goals,” said Shelly Sun, CEO and co-founder of BrightStar Care.

Contact Brightstar Care Today 877-689-6898

Once you have looked at all of the options that you have, you will see that this is a franchise opportunity that you should consider if you have the funding to do so. If the average revenue is 1.5 million, it is clear that an investment in this type of business is one of the best decisions that you can make. If you have wanted to stop working at your current job and invest in something that you have the money for, there is no better time to choose Senior care franchising as an option. Find out more about the financing options available to you, talk to those that can provide you with this home care and medical staffing franchise, allowing you to become financially independent by becoming a franchisee of Brightstar.

What Is Jay Geier’s Call Tracker?


Are you a dentist that is looking for a way to manage or track your marketing campaigns? If you are, then you might be interested in learning more about Jay Geier’s call tracker. Continue to read on to find out what this is, the features and other useful information.

What Is It

The call tracker is a marketing tool designed for dentists. The marketing tool was created by Jay Geier, and the call tracker may be able to help dentists get new patients by creating successful marketing campaigns. Now that you know what it is, the next section will explain what the various features it has and why you should get it.


One of the best things about Jay Geier’s call tracker is that you will have the ability to track all marketing activity, which can help you figure out which marketing activity is working and jay geierwhich one is not. This means you can track marketing campaigns that involve the yellow pages or mailers, as well as website, newsletter, referral, sign and even reactivation programs. Some activities may generate more patient calls, while others may hardly generate any, but you will know which activities are working and which ones aren’t.

If you decide to get the call tracker, then you will be able to record every single patient call you receive. This is something you will love because you will have the chance to listen to how your calls are being handled and then you can decide whether or not you need to make any improvements. Sometimes your office staff may need a refresher on how to handle inbound calls, and if that’s the case, then you will be able to retrain them, if need be.

When you run a practice, then you want to know how your patients heard about you or where they have came from, and thanks to this call tracker, you will be able to do just that. The tracker allows you to see which calls led to a scheduled appointment and which ones did not. Also, you can receive an email on a weekly or daily basis, and this email will contain your calls and links to each call recording, which means all you have to do is click on a link and then you can view the call recording.

Setting It Up

When you buy the call tracker, then the company will set everything up for you and there is no need to invest in any extra equipment or phone lines or anything like that. The company will provide you with phone numbers that will be published in each piece of marketing activity, and the calls are routed right to your main office number. When you want to access your account, you can go online whenever you want and use your username and password to log in, and then with a click of a button you will be able to view your results.

You will find that setting everything up is easy to do, as you really don’t have to do much. Once you place your order, the company virtually takes care of everything and then you can focus on running your practice and marketing your practice. Remember, you can check your results whenever you want, regardless of the time or day.

How Much Does It Cost

By now you may be wondering how much does this cost, and you will be pleased to know that there are various pricing options available. If this is your first time having an account, then call trackeryou will be able to pay on a monthly basis, which will cost between $299-$630 per month or you can pay in advance for the year. If you have an existing account, and you want to add call review to it, then you can expect to pay between $100-$300 per month.

Should You Get It

The call tracker is something you should consider getting if you want to keep track of your marketing campaigns because when you have access to such information, you will be able to stick with what works and get rid of what isn’t working. Call tracker’s website features quite a few testimonials from customers and they seem happy, and this is another reason why you should consider getting the call tracker by Jay Geier. You might think the price is a bit to expensive, but as soon as you start using it, then you will likely see the value of it.

As you can see, there are quite a few useful features that Jay Geier’s call tracker has. If you want to experience all of the benefits that this product has, then you should consider ordering it today. The sooner you buy it, the sooner you can start tracking your marketing activities.

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